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About the Adams County Vounteer Center

We help the community learn about volunteer needs.

The Volunteer Center at United Way connects you with meaningful opportunities to care. Fun-filled, family-friendly projects like the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day On and the Postal Food Drive are just two of the ways you can make a meaningful contribution to the life of our community. The Volunteer Center can even tailor a volunteer project for your employees, youth group, or service club. To accomplish our goal, we:

• Offer free volunteer recruitment services to nonprofit agencies, government programs, and community organizations serving Adams County.

• Recruit, screen, train, and refer volunteers based on their interests, skills, location, and availability.

• Maintain a comprehensive database
of community needs and services.

• Distribute a Directory of Community Services
that describes Adams County organizations and volunteer needs.

• Conduct ongoing public relations and education activities that increase community awareness of and commitment to the value of volunteering, including the monthly column “With Heart In Hand,” in the Gettysburg Times.

• Connect people with local volunteer centers through the 1 (800) VOLUNTEER national phone network.

• Provide education, training, and consultation;
maintain a resource library of videotapes, how-to manuals, internet resources, and so forth, all designed to increase an organization as ability to use volunteers effectively, to retain volunteers, and to develop nontraditional volunteer opportunities.

• Administer an in-kind donations network.