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Back to School Project

Adams County School Districts

2019 Back to School Project

Support the children in your community!

More than 43% of school-age children in Adams County are eligible to participate in the free or reduced lunch program (2018 National School Lunch Program Report).  Many of these families struggle to purchase school supplies for their children each year.  We all know that our children need adequate supplies to be successful in school. Last year, United Way of Adams County took the lead of the annual Adams County Back to School project, by collecting and distributing backpacks and school supplies to families struggling to make ends.  With the generous support of churches, businesses, organizations, and many individuals, the project has helped each year hundreds of students in grades K – 12 start the school year with the tools they need to succeed. Last year with the generous support of hundreds of donors, we raised $3,000 in monetary donations and received hundreds of school supply donations which enabled us to help more than 500 students. 

Please help us give our children a positive start to the 2019 - 2020 school year.

Last day to register is August 2nd

We need the following items:

Backpacks                                             Crayons                                             Glue Sticks

Subject Dividers                                    Pencil Boxes                                     Pink Erasers

College Ruled Spiral Notebooks         Scissors (Blunt & Pointed Tips)      Pencil Cases

Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks              Colored Pencils                                Highlighters

College Ruled Loose Leaf Paper         Broad Tip Markers                            Fine Tip Markers

Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper              Blue, Black, & Red Pens                  Rulers

College Ruled Composition Books      White Erasers                                   Pencil Cap Erasers

Wide Ruled Composition Books          #2 Pencils                                          Scientific Calculators

1" Three Ring Binders                           White Glue                                        Pencil Sharpeners

Folders with Pockets                             Correction Tape (NO Liquid)           Mechanical Pencils

Donations needed by August 7, 2019

If you would like to donate items please follow this link

2019 Back to School Registration

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