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Campaign Chairs


2014-2015 Campaign



We are honored to have been asked and to serve as the Co-Chairs for the United Way of Adams County fundraising campaign for 2014.  When we were asked, we looked at our work schedules and other obligations to be sure that we were able to devote the time and energy to help support a very successful campaign. Having determined that we would be able to devote the time and energy we chatted about our personal willingness to SAY YES.


This brings us to the theme of this letter….why SAY YES?  While there are myriads of reasons, way too many to mention in this brief letter, let us give you our thoughts on why United Way is important to us and so valuable to our Adams County community.


To us, being involved in the United Way is a measure of our local citizenship.  We believe philanthropy should start in our local communities and is most efficiently provided by the resources of United Way.


Whether you are a business owner being asked to have a United Way campaign in your workplace; an employee being asked to have a deduction from each paycheck; or an individual being asked to make a direct donation or give your personal time, why should you SAY YES


United Way works each and every day to advance the common good and quality of life in our communities.  These efforts are focused in three areas: Education, Financial Stability and Health.  These three areas are the foundation for providing the citizens Adams County with an opportunity to have a better life.  When a child succeeds in school, our community becomes a better place. When a family is helped through a financial setback allowing them to get back on their feet and move forward, our community benefits. When we assure that none of our children or our elderly suffer from chronic health issues everyone in our community wins. 


When each of us gives to the United Way, we may do so with the assurance that 99¢ of every dollar we give to the United Way stays right here in Adams County.  Each of our individual donations are combined to make significant investments in our community programs.  Our individual donations give our United Way the power to reduce academic failure, poverty, and poor health.


This year’s campaign has set a challenging goal of raising $300,000.  The people of Adams County have always had the most kind, caring and generous hearts.  We humbly ask for your support in meeting this $300,000 goal.  We ask you to please SAY YES.


Thank you for supporting United Way of Adams County!

Dotty & Denny Moul